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30th-Sep-2010 05:42 pm - CLOSED
From now on, i'm closing this account as my main blogging tool. I'll keep active to read my friends journals and to comment at them, and also to check my communities.  

I'll be blogging now on from at: http://dalccino.tumblr.com/
21st-Sep-2010 12:50 pm - Fandom Stuffs
I love being a fan, I love fandoms. But recently I don't think I actually FIT to any fandoms I used to cheer for. I mean, I still LOVE IchiRuki, but god, I'm really starting to get annoyed by the fans. I mean, all its estravaganza and cannon-balls started at 2006 when Kubo decided to throw shit at us... and people are complaining about the same stuff (ORIHIME IS ONE-SIDED, LALALA, ICHIGO AND RUKIA IS MEANT TO BE, SUN AND MOON FUFUFUFU) FOR 4 YEARS NOW!!!!! AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Sera Myu? Well, it is over. There's no more things for me to fangirl about. I've watched them all, and love some of the actress. There's nothing I don't know about it. But the only ones who I'd love to see more work from, Katayama Sayuri and Takagi Nao, are retired. Nao-tan as a mommy, and I guess Sayuri is composing anime-songs now, and that's nice! 

Star Trek fandom, the only thing I can do is wait for the new movie at 2012. 'cause I don't think i'll be watching the other Star Trek series. Too much stuff, for things i'm gonna miss. It's like Sera Myu original cast, the other casts musicals was nice, but the first-stage cast was the real thing. 

Den-O is the never-ending climax and the only fandom i'm crazy about in the moment, haha! NEVER ENDING CLIMAX I MEAN NEVER EVER EVAAAAHR ENDING.
Den-O will never end, hahahaha. 
13th-Sep-2010 11:56 pm - MoSe Update Week 3
Valentine's Rukia
Ridiculous name is ridiculous.

 What the hell did I watch last days?


- Bleach episode 287 - it was pretty cool, reminding me the times when Bleach WAS ANY GOOD. It was a big goofy filler, this episode, but it was very cool :D

- Kamen Rider OOO's - yaaaaay! I'm enjoying it already! Fairy... normal, but I have some hopes in this show (since it's written by the same person who did Den-O and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) ♥

Actually, this week passed through the speed of light, I had no time to do anything (except for playing Diablo 2 every night since last friday! XD), since it was a big holiday over here, and some of my friends from other states came to visit (Meg and Mah).

Aaaaand lousy english skills today, sorry, my brain just melted over all the Diablo-slaying hours. I need to get back to my studies, hahaha.
9th-Sep-2010 02:59 pm - Mose Update Week 2
chichi ♥ goku
 "Mose Update" is Movies/Series Update, what i've watched and what am I thinking about it ♥

This last days were: 

- Paradise Kiss:
Finished the series, the animation looks amazing, and I loved the overall design, opening and endings songs, but I hated the series ending. They had time to put Arashi to sing and play the guitar, insted of telling in the last 2 minutes more about what were the characters doing 10 years later. They didn't even tell us about Caroline and Hiro-chan's marriage.

- Spirited Away (always awesome!)
- One Upon a Time in Mexico (I've forgotten how much I love this movie! I even know the lines!)
- American Beauty (very nice!)
- Memento (kinda meh, but ok!)
1st-Sep-2010 11:51 pm - Illust + Meme
Waiting for the water in my paper to dryyy. Seriously, that's the one and single ONLY thing I don't enjoy very much about watercolouring. Sooo I decided to take some time browsing and writing at my LJ :3

First, have a painting!


Visit the original at: http://fav.me/d2xqplb

I love answering memes! I stole this one from vampirelissy14 ♥ I hope it's ok! ;3 

MemeCollapse )
29th-Aug-2010 09:55 pm - I always watch...
A lot of stuff, lots of movies and series. I think i'm gonna pick a day to start blogging about it: What I watched that week and was it nice!
It will help me keep this journal with some frequent posting, since I abandon this a lot, I"m sorry!

This week I watched:
- The Runaways (Hmmmm, didn't like it very much, for no specific reasons)
- started watching Ergo Proxy (And enjoying it!);
- re-started watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (the live! It's a little lame, but I love this silly show!);
- re-started watching Cowboy Bebop after aaaages, just one or another episode when I have free time;
- started watching Shinkenger but stoped right away: I didn't like it.
- watched Rurouni Kenshin OVAs, really sad story but amazing animation and plot. I wasn't a big fan of Kenshin when aired at my country, but I think i'll give it another shot. :3

Aaaand another movie that I saw against the law, so I won't tell about it right NAO, maybe some other time. haha! Scott Pilgrim, cam.

I will create a tag to these updated aaaaaah i'll think about it later and edit the post, 'cause I'm gonna watch more stuff now.


I saw Tekken movie... sucks so much, reminding me of Dead or Alive movie.

Aaaaand i'm watching another Nagase Tomoya's series, Unubore Deka, REALLY FUNNY STUFF! Thanks real_action !

4th-Aug-2010 08:42 pm - Just stating the obvious
 Assim que você souber o que quer realmente da sua vida:

- Estude


- Pesquise 


- Nunca deixe de ficar completamente inteirado do assunto, ou pelo menos remotamente

- Faça disso além de uma profissão, uma paixão, algo que tu não vá se cansar de aprender

- Você nunca sabe demais, embora saiba mais do que alguns

- LEI-TU-RA. É a base de tudo.

- Mantenha sempre um caderninho do seu lado para anotar idéias, quando estiver trabalhando ou pensando sobre isso, ou lendo algum livro com relevância e queira anotar alguma passagem importante

- Não seja bitolado: aceite as idéias dos outros, mesmo que sejam diferentes das suas, não faça com que isso seja um problema (para conviver com outras pessoas)

- E se isso te diverte, se isso te traz felicidade: pesquise UM POUCO MAIS, estude UM POUCO MAIS, porque aí vai surgir mais um assunto legal que você ainda não sabia sobre e seus pontinhos de felicidade crescerão looooucamente.

E Cocole, get the hell back to your book!

- And remember: breathe, watch your favorite show, dance to the music you love, eat your delicious favorite food, take care of your hair and nails, sleep well.
21st-Jul-2010 04:21 pm - NICOLE, LEIA ISSO:
sexy spock


Menos reclamação e mais ação. Estuda, faz o que tu acha que tem que ser feito, planeja, bota teus planos pra rolar, não se dê por vencida porque o troço é difícil, VAI DUMA VEZ.

Agora imprime essa porra, cola em cima do computador pra passar bastante vergonha, e VAI ESTUDAR e NÃO OUSA ficar procrastinando na frente do computador ou choramingando que não é boa o suficiente sem ter arrebentado a cabeça e os dedos de tanto treinar!


1st-Jul-2010 07:54 pm - Ideas
Some people are blessed with ideas, not even knowing they're great, and don't even make something about it. Some others have great ideas from hard work. I wish I was a blessed mind as some of my friends are. Don't get me wrong, i'm not jealous at all, I just wished the ideas to come out a little bit more naturally that it does. Why is so hard for me to stop for a second and start analysing the things I should get done, or be doing?

I'll keep reading, organizing, developing ideas, someday will be my turn to make something interesting out of all this mess. I'm hopeful!

I made this Ryu drawing trying to build something different from what i'm used to, and I'm proud of the result. Maybe I should try some more of experimenting different styles and studying other artists for building more references INSIDE MY HEAD LOL.
1st-Jul-2010 12:22 am - just trolollin
Valentine's Rukia
 I wanna get rid of my desktop and buy myself my desired laptop and have a computer-free desk to work on. My printer is already going to the place the CPU is - THE FLOOR! -, but I promise I won't kick it.

I know there's a chance that a laptop will help me procrastinate more, oooor, it'll give me space to work. I'm looking foward to evolve, to study more, to become whoever I wanna be.
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